Celebrity News for May 20, 2016

Legendary Former ‘60 Minutes’ Journalist Morley Safer Dies At 84

Morley Safer, the legendary journalist who became the longest-serving reporter for CBS’s “60 Minutes” news magazine, has died at 84. CBS News confirmed Safer’s death on Thursday afternoon. The reporter retired last week after 46 seasons with the television program. Safer was known for his distinctive voice and gift of storytelling, and his pieces ranged from unflinching reports on the Vietnam War to offbeat, interesting explorations of why the Finnish people were so smitten with dancing the tango.

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How Nice Of Dr. Luke To Now Let Kesha Perform At The Billboard Music Awards

Kesha broke her silence on Kemosabe Records’ “approval” of her Billboard Music Awards performance in an Instagram post shared on Thursday. Alongside a photo that reads, “You and I are more than friends. We’re like a really small gang,” Kesha wrote, “good work animals. ???????????????????????????????? looks like our voices can be heard after all.”… No matter what happens, Kesha keeps fighting. After the pop star was reportedly forced to cancel her Billboard Music Awards performance due to interference from Dr. Luke’s record label, Kemosabe Records, the tide has apparently turned.

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‘Influencer’ Scott Disick Cut + Pasted His Instagram Tea Ad Like A Schmuck

Scott Disick, my personal favorite member of the Kardashian mafia, just put up a shitty ad for a tea brand on his Instagram account. In true Scott Disick barely-giving-a-fuck fashion, he initially copy+pasted the advertising copy he’s inevitably getting paid to shout out… To be honest, that’s the coolest caption I’ve seen from an “influencer” trying to scam their followers of money with some ridiculous weight loss, metabolism boosting tea. He should have kept it at that, mistake or not — seems pretty on brand to me.

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Kylie Jenner‘s security didn’t just attack a TMZ photog … he allegedly went after another guy who dared to take a pic of her and her rumored BF, PartyNextDoor, and now he’s filed a criminal complaint. Charles Baker claims he was in the snack bar area of the Chinese Theatre Wednesday night for a Russell Simmons event, when he tried to take a pic of Kylie and PartyNextDoor when her security guard punched him in the face. He says his camera was damaged in the attack.

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Tyga clearly has a type … his new chick is Kylie Jenner’s scrumptious doppelgänger. The rapper and his rebound, Demi Rose, posed and got cozy in Cannes. Check out the pics … Tyga likes ’em young. Rose is a 21-year-old British lingerie model.

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Biggie Smalls is back — as a hologram

Looks like the Notorious BIG, a k a Biggie Smalls, is about to get a second lease on life (after death). The Brooklyn rapper and folk hero was murdered in 1997, but still casts a huge shadow on hip-hop culture. It’s about to get bigger, starting with this weekend’s Bad Boy Family Reunion (as in Bad Boy Records) at Barclays Center, just down the street from Biggie’s old Bed-Stuy apartment.

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Tommy Chong is joining Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna and Amber Rose in the emoji game, but think less butts and boobs — and more blunts and bongs … duh! Tommy’s dropping marijuana-themed SMOKEmojis to corner the growing weed market. The images are a stoner-centric take on the standard emojis … complete with bloodshot eyes, cannabis leaves, and plenty of 420 references.

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The duet isn’t going to happen, after all. Sources connected to the deal tell us Whitney’s estate decided to pull the plug once they saw the finished product 2 days ago. We’re told they weren’t satisfied because the hologram simply “didn’t look like Whitney.” Producers and the estate reps all agreed Christina was flawless, but until technology can do the same for Whitney … no deal.

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Suge Knight’s so afraid his parents will die before he’s released from prison, he’s begging a judge for mercy to see them. The rapper says his 74 and 77-year-old parents are in really bad shape. In fact, they’re in such poor health, Suge’s filed new docs in his murder case — obtained by TMZ — asking the judge to allow them to visit him in L.A. County jail. He also wants phone privileges so he can speak to them.

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Inside Lindsay Lohan’s calculated comeback

Lindsay Lohan is aiming for a comeback. The “Mean Girls” actress, 29, fell from grace after publicly struggling with alcohol and various run-ins with the law, but has made efforts to reboot her image by strategically distancing herself from bad influences in recent years. “When she moved to London she changed her phone number and email addresses,” an insider told Page Six. “She even changed her phone number and email address again since she’s been in London to weed out any temptation from old friends.”

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David Hasselhoff — who made hundreds of millions of dollars from “Baywatch”, “Knight Rider” and various other TV shows, movies and other entertainment ventures — says he can’t afford to support his ex-wife anymore because he’s got less than $4k in cash to his name. David and ex-wife Pamela Bach are locked in a spousal support war — she’s currently getting $252k a year, but he wants that amount significantly lowered, saying he’s a shadow of his former financial self.

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‘Today’ staff at war over Natalie Morales’ dressing room

NBC anchor Natalie Morales won’t depart her “Today” job in New York for LA until after the summer — but there’s already a backstage battle over who will get her coveted dressing room at the morning show’s overcrowded, antiquated Studio 1A, sources told Page Six. Morales was named West Coast anchor of “Today” this month, followed closely by a move to bring in Billy Bush as a new anchor in New York.

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No more drugs for Iggy Pop: ‘I have wine with dinner’

Iggy Pop says his drug of choice nowadays is a glass of wine. “Everybody should just drop that (expletive),” the notoriously rowdy rocker told a Cannes Film Festival crowd on Thursday. Iggy Pop was on hand to promote “Gimme Danger,” a documentary by director Jim Jarmusch about his punk band, the Stooges. “I don’t drug up anymore,” the “Lust for Life” singer said during a press conference. “I don’t do it. I have wine with dinner and that’s about it.” He added that marijuana is “OK for most people.”

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Original Beastie Boys Member John Berry Dead at 52

John Berry, an original member of hip-hop group the Beastie Boys, died Thursday morning at 7:30 a.m. at a hospice in Danvers, Massachusetts. He was 52. John Berry III, Berry’s father, confirmed his death Thursday afternoon to Rolling Stone. He said his son suffered from frontal lobe dementia, which had worsened in recent months. Berry is credited with coming up with the name Beastie Boys when they were teenagers. He attended the Walden School in New York with Mike Diamond.

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‘Game of Thrones’ star ‘The Mountain’ has a very tiny puppy

Well, this is an unlikely duo. Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, who plays Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane on “Game of Thrones,” has an extremely tiny Pomeranian and he’s been posting the most adorable photos of the pair. He named the pup Asterix (Ástríkur) and the little guy already has over 12,000 followers on Instagram since becoming an internet sensation on Wednesday.

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Steve Martin’s got some tough competition come Tony time

The good news for Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s musical, “Bright Star,” is the show’s nominated for five Tonys. The bad news is they’re going up against “Hamilton” at next month’s awards. “We have lines around the block at our musical,” Martin said at the Broadway League’s Spring Road Conference this week, adding, “because the ‘Hamilton’ line runs right in front of our theater.”

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Alec Baldwin’s father-daughter pedicure adventure

Hard as it may be to believe, Alec Baldwin has a soft side. Or at least a side that just loves to be pampered. The notoriously volatile actor, 58, was photographed bonding with daughter Carmen, 2, over a pedicure on Wednesday afternoon. In the photo, which was snapped by Baldwin’s wife and Carmen’s mother, Hilaria, the actor can be seen lovingly staring at his daughter while she points in awe at the woman massaging his feet.

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Netflix renews fight for Galifianakis film

Reed Hastings’ Netflix will try again on Thursday to convince a judge it should get first crack at showing a much-delayed Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig film. A judge’s ruling in favor of the streaming giant could stymie the ability of Ryan Kavanaugh’s embattled Relativity Media — the studio behind the film, “Masterminds” — to operate profitably post-chapter 11. Netflix has been trying to convince a Bankruptcy Court judge that its contract with Relativity gives it pre-theatrical release access to a movie if the flick’s release date is long delayed.

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Attention NYC: Justin Long’s out there photobombing

Justin Long continues to be the bomb. When the unsuspecting staff of School Food Focus, a nonprofit working to change the food system so that every child in the country has access to healthy school meals, headed to Madison Square Park on Tuesday to take headshots for their new website launch, they didn’t expect the 37-year-old actor to make a cameo.

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A new show tell its audience to yell the N-word

It takes the combined power of actor Joe Morton and comedian Dick Gregory — the first playing the second in off-Broadway’s “Turn Me Loose” — to get an entire audience to stand up and call the man onstage the N-word. The move’s inspired, giving us an idea of Gregory’s radical impact in the 1960s, when most of “Turn Me Loose” is set.

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