Celebrity News July 29, 2016


Justin Bieber got a $5 million offer to perform at a Republican event during the GOP Convention, but turned it down after his manager considered quitting and LeBron James urged him to reject it … sources tell TMZ. Sources connected with CAA — the talent agency which reps Bieber and received the offer — tell us a promoter contacted Justin’s people with the offer, saying he would perform for 45 minutes at a venue near Quicken Loans Arena, where the RNC was held.

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Lindsay Lohan’s definitely showing … mixed signals. She’s still hanging with friends on a yacht in Sardinia, Italy … and this time we see what appears to be a bump … of sorts. You’ll recall Lindsay went on a social media tirade — and teased on Twitter she’s pregnant — after her blow-up with fiance Egor Tarabasov. Last time we saw her, Lindsay was smoking a cig, which is a major no-no when there’s a bun in the oven.

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Blake Shelton: ‘Gwen saved my life’

Blake Shelton‘s divorce was a killer until Gwen Stefani came into his life. “Gwen saved my life,” Shelton, 40, told Billboard. “Who else on earth could understand going through a high-profile divorce from another musician? You can’t even imagine the similarities in our divorces.” Shelton and Stefani, who went public in November 2015, barely knew one another outside of their work on “The Voice” but ending up bonding over their divorces from Miranda Lambert and Gavin Rossdale.

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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Talk Taylor Swift And Nude Selfies In Harper’s Bazaar

Power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are as candid as ever as the September cover stars for Harper’s Bazaar’s Icons issue.    In the interview, the two discussed everything from Taylor Swift and nude selfies to dick pics, debt and vanity. The rapper got a little too honest with his answers sometimes, forcing Kardashian to occasionally rein him in and repeat a question to keep him on track.

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The wife of “The Preachers” host John Gray got into a heated showdown with cops and flight attendants … some of whom ended up getting booted off the plane … TMZ has learned. Aventer Gray was flying from L.A. to Texas, and as the flight was pulling back from the gate she decided to swap seats — letting the nanny take the first class seat, while Aventer and her 2 kids sat in coach.

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Heath Ledger’s death ‘totally his fault,’ father claims

Heath Ledger’s death was his fault, the late actor’s father shared. “It was totally his fault. It was no one else’s — he reached for [the pills]. He put them in his system. You can’t blame anyone else in that situation,” Kim Ledger told the Daily Mail Australia earlier this week.

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Matt Damon is taking year off from acting

Matt Damon is ready to go off the grid. “I took a bunch of roles in a row. I’ve done four straight movies in a row and I have one more to go,” the actor said on the “Today” show Thursday. Damon, 45, whose latest installment of the Bourne franchise, “Jason Bourne,” opens Friday, also shared he wants to spend more time with his family after “dragging them all over the world” for film shoots.

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Internet star Hayes Grier hospitalized after car crash

Former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Hayes Grier is recovering after a car crash. A spokeswoman for the 16-year-old social media celebrity says Hayes is “under great care” at a hospital. No other details were provided. Grier’s brother Nash Grier posted on Twitter Thursday that Grier suffered a concussion, two fractured ribs and a bruised lung.

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Not So Sunny Day: ‘Sesame Street’ Axes 3 Beloved Cast Members

Can you tell me how to get… how to get to the unemployment office?  “Sesame Street” is getting rid of three beloved characters, along with the human actors who play them. Bob McGrath (”Bob”), Emilio Delgado (“Luis”) and Roscoe Orman (“Gordon”) have all been let go, Sesame Workshop said in a statement on Facebook, adding that the trio would “continue to represent us at public events.”

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‘Suicide Squad’ might just save comic book movies

It’s looking like anything but Suicide. After a summer of yawn-inducing sequels and universe-expanding films nobody wanted, the surprise hit of the summer may well arrive in theaters next Friday — in August, no less, the month where blockbuster misfires typically go to die.

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