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Geek News on the Radio for April 11th, 2022

Star Trek: Lower Decks teases it’s third season

The crew of the USS Cerritos return to Paramount+ sometime this year.

via Gizmodo

Spock gets a canonical full name thanks to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Clever fans spotted his full name on display at Star Trek: Mission Chicago. The name in question is “S’Chn T’Gaiu Spock.”

via Comic Book

Charlize Theron is bringing Aqualad to life

Charlize Theron is going to be the executive producer of DC’s new project, Aqualad: You Brought Me the Ocean.

via Gizmodo

The first issue of Captain America sells for $3.1 million

The copy of the comic is one of three known to exist with a near-mint condition.

via The New York Times

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