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Geek News on the Radio for December 1st, 2022

Trailer for Cocaine Bear

The 2nd trailer for Super Mario Bros. Movie

Disney’s Strange World is stranded in Box Office release

Where it cost $180 million to produce this movie, it resulted in a staggering $18.6 million for the opening weekend. Keep in mind, it was an extended 5-day holiday weekend. It really seems like Disney doesn’t know what to do with Strange World.

via Vulture

Andor was set to say first F-word in final episode

During the last episode of Andor, Maarva Andor was filmed saying “Fuck The Empire” but when production sat down, they decided to cut it. The entire Star Wars universe has NEVER had the word fuck said in it. No exception, not even for adult Star Wars.

via Gizmodo


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