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Geek News on the Radio for February 23

New Animated Comedy Central Series :‘Digman!’

Andy Sandburg has wrote and produced his first show. An animated series universe where archeologist are celebrities. Basically an Indiana Jones parody. Voice cast is stacked with Maya Rudolph, Daniel Radcliffe, and more! Read more here!


‘M3gan’ Digital and Physical Release

When you purchase this on Blueray/DVD March 21st, you can also purchase the unrated version which is more violent and has more kills. It also will have the unrated version featured on the streaming platform, Peacock. We are thankful for the adult directors cut, so you don’t have to watch it as a PG-13 movie. The digital copy is out tomorrow! Read more here!


New ‘Hellboy’ Movie Upcoming

That’s all we know, seriously. Based on the Hellboy comicbook series, ‘The Crooked Man‘. Read more here!


‘Lord of the Rings’ Lego set: Rivendell

It’s not their biggest set ever, but it’s worth about $500! The set is about 6000+ pieces! Read more here!



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