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Geek News on the Radio for June 17th, 2024

Terry Matalas Enemy Mine Reboot

Terry Matalas is remaking the 1980’s movie. Read more here!


Derek Connely writing GI Joe vs. Transformers crossover

Love GI Joe? Or Transformers? Well you’re in luck, they are making the movie just for you! Read more here!


Godzilla Minus 1 just left theaters in Japan

The sequel to the monster film just left theaters in Japan! Breaking the record of having one film in theaters for so long, which was over 210 days!


Get Jiro! animated series on Adult Swim

The graphic novel for Anthony Bourdain is getting its on animated series on Adult Swim! Read more here!


Hunter Schafer in Blade Runner 2099

Known for her role in Euphoria, Hunter Schafer is set to star in the Prime Video release Blade Runner 2099. Read more here!


Blue Beetle animated series

The 2023 superhero movie is in the works to get its own animated series! Read more here!


Adventure Time movies and spinoffs coming soon!

If you love the TV show Adventure Time, new stuff is coming from that universe! Read more here!



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