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Geek News on the Radio for March 13th, 2023

‘Agent Elvis’ Deep Dive

A chance to weaponize Rock n Roll. Viva Las Vegas! Huge cast like Matthew McConaughey as Elvis Presley/Agent Elvis. Kaitlin Olson as CeCe Ryder. Don Cheadle as Commander. Johnny Knoxville as Bobby Ray. Niecy Nash-Betts as Bertie. Tom Kenny as Scatter, Agent Elvis’ chimpanzee sidekick, and more! Read more here!


Marc Guggenheim Is Sad About the Arrowverse

Well he mostly is sad that James Gunn doesn’t really care for the Arrowverse, and The CW-DC Universe shows. Read more here!


James Gunn Claps Back at Social Media Troll

The online troll was upset because the ‘race’ of the character ‘High Evolutionary’ wasn’t white in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3. Although the character’s skin color was almost always purple. Gunn said, “I chose the best actor, period, and the best person for the role. I don’t give a shit what ethnicity Chukwudi Iwuji is, so stop with your racist presumptions on WHY he was chosen. (And, by the way, he’s playing a guy who’s almost always purple in the color.)” Read more here!


New Lego ‘Jurassic Park’ Set with Poop

Let’s talk about the fact that Lego made sure to include a giant pile of dinosaur shit in one of the sets. Read more here!



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