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Geek News on the Radio for November 10th, 2022

Netflix’s Wednesday Series Opening Sequence Released

Indiana Jones TV series scheduled for Disney+

The project is in the beginning stages of development from Lucasfilm and The Mouse House. They are actively trying to bring a streaming show set with the world’s favorite archaeologist.

via Variety

Shawn Levy in talk to direct a Star Wars movie

Levy’s project joins a number of possible films in the works at Lucasfilm. It is unclear when this project could happen. Levy has a full plate, and is on board to direct the upcoming third Deadpool movie for Marvel Studios.

via Deadline

Gears of War series and movie coming to Netflix

Netflix is making a live action feature film adaptation, followed by an adult animation series based on the sci-fi shooter franchise, the company announced Monday. As a big fan of the comics, and videos games, I expect to enjoy both of these even if they flop.

via Netflix

Ian McShane return as Winston in Ballerina

To help connect the spinoff to its parent movie series, will be an appearance from Ian McShane, as it’s been officially announced that he will reprise his role as Winston in Ballerina.

via IGN

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