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Geek News on the Radio for November 20th, 2023

What If Season 2 trailer

Coming December 22nd on Disney+!

Netflix’s Damsel trailer

Coming to Netflix in 2024!

BBC radio commercial for new season of Doctor Who

The new promo for the upcoming season of Doctor who can be heard on BBC Radio! Read more here!

Superman Legacy – more casting – The Engineer

Maria Gabriela de Faria is joining the Superman Legacy cast as The Engineer! Read more here!

Lost director for Avengers Kang Dynasty

The fifth Avengers film may have lost its director, but is still in the works to be released. Read more here!

Deadpool 3-only Marvel moving coming next year

Due to the strike that recently ended, many projects are behind on production. As of right now, Deadpool 3 is the only thing Marvel has in the works for 2024. Read more here!

Robert Kirkman talking about Steven Yun-The Sentry character

Creator of Invincible, Robert Kirkman, talks about how actor Steven Yun is going to be playing a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read more here!

Taika Waititi’s new Star Wars film will piss people off

The Star Wars movie project of Taika Waititi is set to begin filming sometime next year. Read more here!

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