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Geek News for April 13th, 2017

Jude Law to Play Young Dumbledore in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel

Jude Law has been tapped to play young Dumbledore in the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” sequel. David Yates is returning to direct and Eddie Redmayne will be back to star alongside Johnny Depp, who will play the villain Grindelwald. Albus Dumbledore is one of the most iconic characters in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. Richard Harris made the role famous in the first two “Harry Potter” pics. Michael Gambon later took over the part after Harris’ death in 2002.  The two-time Academy Award nominee will portray Dumbledore long before the wizard became the headmaster at Hogwarts and Potter’s mentor. Set decades before the original “Harry Potter” films and books, Dumbledore is still serving as the wizarding school’s transfiguration professor in “Fantastic Beasts 2.”

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Clueless Mom Almost Sells Son’s Rare MAGIC Collection For $9

I’m sure so many reading this know how this story goes all too well. Geeky kid goes off to college, mom enters kid’s old room to clear some things out, mom accidentally sells something incredibly valuable because she’s not a nerd like the child she raised. Typically, I hear about this happening with retro game consoles, which aren’t nearly as bad as what this Japanese mom almost did! This mom found a collection of her son’s Magic cards and decided to clear some space by offering them up online via an auction site for the Japanese equivalent of nine dollars. You see that card in the above picture with the black arrow pointing to it? That’s the mythical Black Lotus which auctions for around $27,000 easy. Needless to say, people jumped on the offer quick.

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Dolph Lundgren Joins Jason Momoa in ‘Aquaman’

Dolph Lundgren is making his return to studio movies by diving deep into the world of comic book films. The veteran action star, whose credits range from Rocky IV to the recent Expendables movies, has joined Aquaman, Warner Bros.’ big-screen take on DC Comics’ underwater-breathing superhero. James Wan is sitting in the director’s chair for the big-budget tentpole, which is eyeing a May production start in Australia. Jason Momoa is starring as the title character, and the film’s call sheet includes Amber Heard as Mera, Aquaman’s royal love interest; Nicole Kidman as Aquaman’s mother; and Patrick Wilson as Orm, a villain who happens to be Aquaman’s half-brother.

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Josh Brolin to Play Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

Josh Brolin has nabbed the hotly contested role of Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.  The production has been on the warpath to find the right actor for the role for months, with Michael Shannon almost nabbing the role and Stranger Things star David Harbour on the shortlist. (There were even rumors of conversations with Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt.) In the end, Brolin emerged as a surprise contender, notching his second Marvel Comics character in the process; the actor plays the villain Thanos in the Marvel Studios movies. Sources say Brolin’s deal is for four films.

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Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds Welcomes Josh Brolin As Cable

Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool 2, welcomes Josh Brolin as Cable after the casting was announced earlier today. After months of rumors and reported frontrunners, Brolin has officially been cast in the highly coveted role for Deadpool 2. Brolin’s career is long and varied, but this marks his second Marvel Comics character, and he could be playing them both for some time. While Thanos is strictly a voice and mo-cap role for Brolin, the opportunity to land a leading role in another big comic book movie franchise and work with the talented group assembled must have been too big of an opportunity for him to pass up.

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Christopher Lloyd Joins William Shatner in Comedy ‘Senior Moment’

Christopher Lloyd is joining William Shatner in the romantic comedy “Senior Moment,” Variety has learned exclusively. Giorgio Serafini is directing the movie from a screenplay by Kurt Brungardt and Christopher Momenee. Rene Sheridan and Gina G. Goff are producing the film, which begins shooting this spring in Palm Springs, Calif. Shatner plays a retired Top Gun Navy pilot who used to test aircraft for NASA. After speeding around town in his vintage convertible hot rod with his best friend (played by Lloyd) in tow, he gets caught in a major crackdown to get dangerous senior drivers off the road, resulting in his car being impounded and his license revoked.

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