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Tech Talk with Johnathan Deesing for July 12th, 2022

Depressed by everything you see online? How about some animal cams?
If you liked Lawn Mowing Simulator, you’re gonna LOVE PowerWash Simulator.
  • Set in the town of Muckingham, where you are starting a power washing business
  • Comes out this Thursday on PC and Xbox
  • Reviews for the early access version were overwhelmingly positive

After 27 gloriously buggy years, Internet Explorer is officially shutting down, but you can still use its best feature
Netflix has added yet another awesome free mobile game for Bill to play
  • Into the Breach, an absolutely phenomenal strategy game from 2018 will be free for Netflix subscribers on iOS and Android
  • Turn-based tile game set in a future war of human mechs vs. giant alien monsters
  • Pacific Rim meets chess – protect civilian buildings and your power grid while defeating kaiju

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