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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for January 9th, 2024

So how exactly did that 13 year old kid “beat” Tetris?

  • For decades, Tetris got too fast to play at lvl 29
  • New tactics for tapping the arrow buttons faster were developed in 2011
  • Then, even FASTER techniques recently followed, allowing players to push up to levels in the 100s
  • The goal became to reach the game’s kill screen–where it would break
  • Passing two nearly black levels, a 13 year old Tetris pro was able to find the killscreen…on level 157
  • Check out this video for a full rundown


If you’re allergic to cats but love their purrs, check out Purrli


Need to get out, but can’t afford a vacation? Try Drive & Listen


Ever had an overwhelming desire to read old SNES manuals?


And now for something almost no one asked for – an IMDB for cars

  • This site tracks every single appearance of any make and model of vehicle
  • Want to see if your car was in Point Break? It might be!



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