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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for October 11th, 2022

Gaming season is officially underway, and the first big title out is Overwatch 2
    • The long awaited sequel to the popular team shooter is finally out, and this one is free to play
    • Play as one of a variety of heroes in a 5v5 first person shooter match – snipers, grappling hooks, bombs, shields, flying, and all other sorts of madness
    • Came out last week on just about every platform, and now a lot of the initial launch issues have been ironed out
    • Blizzard has made some noticeable changes to the Overwatch formula, but fans of the original should be happy with it


If you’re too old for games but love Legos, then Lego Bricktales is the relaxing puzzle game for you


Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed lets you play on either side of the proton stream
    • Play either with your friends or against them as ghosts who haunt and terrify people or ghostbusters who capture them and calm people down
    • Four ghostbusters versus one ghost in an asymmetrical multiplayer game
    • Features voice acting from Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd as Winston and Ray
    • From the team that made the cult asymmetrical horror game Friday the 13th: The Game, Illfonic
    • Out October 18 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox


If none of those did it for you, why not try new indie hit Trombone Champ?
    • A trombone based rhythm game for anyone who didn’t care for Guitar Hero because they were more of a brass person
    • Slide your mouse up and down on a bar and click to toot any note!
    • Over 20 tracks and 50 tromboner cards to collect
    • Play it right or play it wrong, it’s going to sound stupid either way


Finally, someone created the Waterworld arcade game from a 25 year old Simpsons joke


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