10 Weirdest Requests Flight Attendants Have Gotten on Planes


Flight attendants have heard it all. A new article from Travel + Leisure has shared 10 of the weirdest requests flight attendants have received during flights.
These are:

  • A parachute mid-flight in case of an “emergency”
  • Actor Gary Coleman asking an attendant to fry his chicken “extra crispy”
  • A water cup for a falcon
  • A request to organize transportation for a final hotel destination
  • A request to have a sushi burrito made for in-flight food
  • A family asking for a live cat and a live bag of mice for their daughter
  • Making space for a pet snake in an aquarium tank
  • A passenger bringing raw fish on board and asking for it to be cooked
  • Asking to bring a live chicken on board to have eggs for breakfast
  • Asking if the noise on a plane could be lowered


Which of these is the weirdest request? Which one of these doesn’t seem weird at all? Have you ever asked a flight attendant for anything weird?

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