12 Drinks That Bartenders Hate to Make


Don’t Make Bartenders hate you

It’s your company holiday barter and the bartenders are ready to pop the top on a brew, pour you some Chardonnay, pour an extra finger of whiskey,  or even make you a gin and tonic. It’s just that there is always that one person that will roll up to the open bar to order up a headache for the bartender (and probably stiff on the tip). If you see a bartender roll their eyes or let out a heavy sigh, there’s a chance you may have ordered something they hate making.

As we gather together at private functions or a bar with friends, take into account time and place. If you roll into a busy bar at 11 pm, don’t order an overly complicated drink that you saw on “Drink Wars.” I’m looking at you, Lake Effect crowd (😂). Look around. Are people drinking beer and doing shots of Fireball? Act accordingly. As a matter of fact, no drink after 10 pm needs fruit. You missed your window. Get a whiskey/ginger and move on.

Eat This, Not That spoke with bartenders across the U.S. to find out which cocktails they hate making the most.

Those drinks are:

Bloody Mary

Never past noon unless you’re hungover and starting brunch at noon.

Pina Colada

Never after August



Never in Utah unless you’re making it at home.


Ramos Gin Fizz

I am not sure who orders this unless you’re on a beach.


Dirty Vodka Martini

Not a place that sells more than 6 beers on tap, but I would say more appropriate around the holidays.


Tequila Sunrise

No one really orders these anyway.


Whiskey Sour

I do take umbrage with this one. This drink really seems to fit just about everywhere.


Chocolate Martini

Just, no. Don’t do this to your bartenders.


Espresso and Coffee Drinks

Again, no. Just get a coffee and a shot of a decent vodka. Keep it classy.


White Russian

You’re not Lebowski, though I admit that the one in this picture looks delicious. I may take umbrage with this one, too.


Fancy Drinks at a Dive Bar

I already address this, but if you do, double your tip.


Guinness Ordered Last (it should be ordered first due to needing a slow pour).

This is a solid point.


If you treat your bartenders right, they’ll do the like. Tip well this holiday season, be merry and take a Lyft!!!!



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