12-Year-Old Boy Genuis Planning Trip to Mars

A 12-year-old Atlanta resident says his dream is to someday visit Mars. While such a lofty goal isn’t uncommon for a young boy, Caleb Anderson may actually see his dream come to fruition.

Anderson is a bona fide boy genius. Already enrolled in high school and community college, the youth says he has a few things to do before he takes off for the red planet. “Try to get my master’s at Georgia Tech,” he says. “Then do an internship with Elon Musk, and then I’ll probably get my Ph.D. at MIT, and then I think I’ll start working at either NASA or SpaceX,” he says.

Anderson’s mother says her son could read by the time he was six months old. But that wasn’t the first time his genius showed. “At three weeks old, I did notice that Caleb was trying to mimic some of my words,” Claire Anderson says. “By four months, he was picking up basic signs.”

What was your biggest skill at 12 years old? What did you want to be when you grew up?

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