25 Percent of College Students Report Stress Over 2016 Presidential Election

Could the 2016 election have a major impact on college students, causing them to develop PTSD? A study done by Melissa Hagan who is an assistant professor of psychology at San Francisco State University showed that 25 percent of college students did report stress over the 2016 election and even showed signs of “event-related stress” which could develop into PTSD.
Hagen decided to do the study after seeing that her students were visibly upset the day after Trump was named the president. Those most affected were women, racial minorities, people from working and lower-middle social classes, Democrats, non-Christians and sexual minorities.

Most were concerned with how the election could affect their close relationships, others worried about the future of the country. Hagan says that the students weren’t necessarily traumatized by the actual election but had feelings of helplessness and fear after hearing discussions of deportation, sexual harassment and the extreme language that was used by both parties.

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