7 Things You’ll Never See at McDonald’s Ever Again

McDonald’s is making some changes that will most-likely become post-pandemic permanent, with the company already rolling out an all-new anti-virus designed restaurant in the Netherlands. Eat This, Not That noted some things we’ll never see at Mickey D’s again, like:

  • Bare floors without social-distancing floor decals and markers
  • Masses huddled at the counter waiting for food. Instead, McDonald’s may implement table-side service
  • Dining tables without partitions
  • Entrances without hand sanitizers
  • Entry points without handwash stations
  • Employees not wearing gloves
  • An always-opened McDonald’s PlayPlace. Those playground areas could remain closed.

Do you think that McDonald’s can successfully institute all of these changes? Which are you most for? Are there any proposed changes that you’re against?

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