82-Year Old Woman Asks For More Wine During Quarantine

Following in the footsteps of a 93-year-old Pennsylvania woman who held up a sign to request more beer, an 82-year-old has achieved similar viral fame. According to her Facebook post, Kelly Muller asked her mother if she needed anything while she remains self-isolated indoors.

Traveling down the road to where she lives, Kelly found Annette at the window of her home holding an empty bottle along with a sign that read, “Need More Wine”. Joking with the TODAY show that mom is the “the life of the party,” Kelly adds, “I asked her what kind, and she said, ‘Red? White? It doesn’t matter to me. They all taste the same!'” Fortunately, mom got her wish.

To be honest this woman is kind of gravy-training the granny that was gifted 150 cans of Coors from her plea earlier this week.

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