Adolph Hitler’s Pet Alligator Dies at 84

An alligator that reportedly belonged to Adolph Hitler has died at the age of 84, according to Moscow Zoo officials. The gator, named Saturn, was born in the U.S. but was later relocated to the Berlin Zoo, according to Moscow zookeepers. As the story goes, Saturn escaped from the facility during a 1943 World War II bombing and ended up in the infamous Nazi leader’s care. Following Hitler’s death, the alligator was sent to the Moscow Zoo, where it remained until its death on Friday, zookeepers say.

Whether Saturn was actually owned by Hitler from 1943 until 1946 has been called into question by some historians. Regardless, Moscow Zoo officials say the late gator shouldn’t be judged on who may or may not have owned it. “Animals are not involved in war and politics,” a rep for the zoo says, “and it is absurd to blame them for human sins.”

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