Avengers: Endgame Returning To Theaters Next Week With New Post-Credits Scene

Thanos glove with all 6 infinity stones

Just as Avengers: Endgame was drifting from theaters to Blu-Ray, the movie is being re-released with some extra footage. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed the news at a press junket for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Feige said, “We are doing that. I don’t know if it’s been announced. And I don’t know how much… Yeah, we’re doing it next weekend.” Feige also told ScreenRant that the new version is “not an extended cut, but there will be a version going into theaters with a bit of a marketing push with a few new things at the end of the movie. If you stay and watch the movie, after the credits, there’ll be a deleted scene, a little tribute, and a few surprises.” Endgame is trying to catch Avatar to be the highest-grossing movie ever.

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