Bad Remix Wednesday: Doug Sauce “Doug Fabrizio”

Meandering my way to work the other day, listening to KUER (Hey, I can’t listen to twenty-one pilots all day, every day) it occurred to me that Doug Fabrizio, interviewer extraordinaire and host of “Radio West”, should not be limited to asking questions of local playwrights or discussing a lost text found at the scene of the Mountain Meadows Massacre or even cutting up a roundtable of book recommends. No, friends, Doug Fabrizio should be in the club.

Ponder this: The sound of an NPR host blasting through the speakers just before last call would be the wondrous sound of salvation – defeating your rationale of taking one more shot or going home with that guy in the Stryper t-shirt. Better yet, put this into your workout playlist and leave the other elliptical exercisers in dust.

And since I lack the skills to compose an original song and lack the time to learn how, I did what any millennial would do: I made a mash-up. With some audio software, I plagiarized. I cut and created something for a smarter class of clubber. I Frankensteined and toiled over a hot keyboard and a cold 20-ounce Diet Coke with lime. At the end of my labor, sitting on my desktop and etched on my hard drive rose this beast…Doug Sauce “Doug Fabrizio.”


Corey O’Brien

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