Bam Margera’s Mom Put Him On Blast During Dr. Phil Session

Bam Margera’s sit down with Dr. Phil is drama-filled. The teaser for the September 9th 3-hour episode of Dr. Phil shows Bam in a very bad state. Yelling at this mother, who participated in the intervention via satellite, she told the reality star that he was “addicted to drama” to which he replied that he “never wanted to talk to her again.” He then yelled at his wife, Nikki, saying that she “doesn’t listen and doesn’t follow rules.” Dr. Phil interjected saying that Bam’s yelling at Nikki, was “abusive.” Since the taping with Dr. Phil, Bam has been released from one rehab, he relapsed at a bar before entering a second rehab and so far it’s been going pretty smooth.

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