Billionaire Annoys Neighbor by Blasting ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Theme Repeatedly

U.S. billionaire Bill Gross has been accused of torturing his neighbor — by blasting the theme from “Gilligan’s Island” over and over again from his New York home.

The audio assault reportedly came in response to a lawsuit filed by Nextfort Ventures CEO Mark Towfig, who accused Gross of blocking his view by putting a “lighted glass art installation” along their property line. After a judge ruled in Towfig’s favor, Gross retaliated by cranking up “loud music and bizarre audio recordings at excessive levels” day and night, with an emphasis on the “Gilligan’s Island” theme, Towfig says.

Now Gross has filed for a restraining order against Towfiq, accusing him of “peeping” and “bullying” him, court records indicate. An attorney for Towfiq calls Gross “an entitled billionaire who is used to getting his way.”

What TV theme is more annoying than the “Gilligan’s Island” song?

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