Candlebox to reunite original linup for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

There’s a big soft spot in my guts for Candlebox.

A band that many would call a “one hit wonder” even though they had at least two solid hits on their debut album in 1993.  My brother took me to see Candlebox at the Utah State Fairpark that same year, and we were able to meet the band, and get a poster signed.  I think I was like 14, so obviously it was a HUGE deal for me.


The band went on to have 6 albums, the latest of which came out just last year.  But the band has yet to match the success of the debut “self titled” record that went quadruple platinum.  Kevin Martin signed my copy that same show, and while this impresses literally NOBODY that I know, it’s still one of my prized possesions 25 years later.  I even had to hide it from my parents thanks to the non-radio friendly version of “You”

To Jonathan, Muchas gracias Bro---

Yes, my real name is Jonathan..  Shut up.


So IF you wanna check out the original lineup of Candlebox in their “one night only” performance.  Get yourself to Seattle’s Paramount Theater on July 21st.  If you don’t care about the lineup, but wanna hear the original lead singer belt out Far Behind, Change, and uhh.  all the other songs that they have…   You can actually catch them at the (and I shit you not) Dejoria Center in Kamas, Utah on Sept 15th.   I have NO CLUE what that’s about.  But I’ll probably go 🙂


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