Chick-Fil-A is Testing Out a new Milkshake Flavor in Salt Lake City

If you ever want to see a road rage garden, just circle around a Chick-Fil-A in Utah ’round feedin’ time. Especially the one in Sugarhouse. I wonder how many people hit their horns and spin their wheels trying to avoid the traffic hazard the line for the drive-thru creates only to surrender to the want of that spicy chicken once they stop seeing red miles down the road. Luckily, it’s Utah and there is another Chick-Fil-La down every road…thankfully.

Anyway, according to Delish, the chicken empire is testing out a new flavor of milkshake in Salt Lake City, and hot-diggity-dang-dog does it sound tasty. You’ll want to plunge your waffle fries into it. You’ll want its sweet fragrance to fill the chamber of your car for eternity. I’ll want someone from work to pick one up for me…I mean, they’re going anyway. “There’s no point for in me going too, right? I’ll just Venmo you. Thanks, buddy!”

Chick-Fil-A is giving us love Salties (it’s what I call us now and it’s going to stick) a butterscotch milkshake and just typing that makes my mouth water. WAIT…let me correct myself. They are actually testing a butterscotch crumble milkshake. Let’s face it. The word “crumble” is basically a dog whistle for my relatives. Yes, they are LDS and they love sugar. You say, “Hey, who wants some apple pie?” and they are all in. But if you say, “Hey, who wants some apple crumble?” then you’d better make sure your life insurance policy is in order. As Delish describes it, “It’s made with Chick-fil-A’s Icedream frozen dessert and blondie crumbles, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.” SOLD!

It’s available at participating Salt Lake City Chick-Fil-La, while supplies last, through April 24th, so get in line now and grab me a couple of spicy chicken sandwiches while you’re there.

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