Churchgoers Mistake Earthquake for Wrath of God

While Sunday’s earthquake was the most powerful to hit North Carolina in more than 100 years, for most residents it was still just an earthquake. But for the parishioners attending mass at Charlotte’s St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, it was nothing less than a Biblical event.

In delivering his Sunday sermon, Father Richard Sutter had just reached the 19th chapter of 1 Kings, which reads, “After the wind there was an earthquake” when the church began rumbling violently, according to the Diocese of Charlotte. The 5.1 magnitude quake sent the congregation into panic mode — until Sutter calmed them down with some religious words of wisdom, he says. “When there’s fear from an earthquake … you have to let the Lord speak to us the truth,” Sutter recalls telling the church’s members. “Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus Christ and not the waves — or even earthquakes — we cannot control.”

Although no injuries were reported in the early morning tremblor, a number of businesses — including a church in Sparta — reported structural damage.
Do you believe you’ve seen divine intervention first-hand? What’s the most well-time coincidence you’ve experienced?

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