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Wednesday 8/17

•Boys Like Girls 10th Anniversary Tour at In the Venue

Swoon! This Bostonian alt-pop band is celebrating 10 years of making high-pitched screams happen every time they brush theit hair out of their eyes.


•Rave of Thrones at The Complex

Hold the door. Hold my drink. Since he isn’t dragging Bran around anymore, he’s got to make a living somehow. Kristian Nairn, or Hodor, as he is known as on “Games of Thrones” is capitalizing on his fictional death by playing some music. White walk out to The Complex and use your best King’s Landing line to land some nookie, I guess. In his own right, Nairn has shared the stage with, ” Scissor Sisters, Mylo, Calvin Harris and Alphabeat; as well as being part of bands such as AJ Suzuki and Dublin’s very own Daddy’s Little Princess.” #namedrop


•Faster Pussycat: The Dirty 30 Tour at Club X SLC

Formed in 1985, Faster Pussycat is the most glamourous of glam punk bands. While that might sounds like someone describing Kafka as Kafkaesque, it is. To my defense this band has broken up, changed styles, changed the line-up and fought over the name, so while living up the the punk rock adjective, you’ll have to go see them live to see if they own the glam.


Thursday 8/18

•Twlight Concert Series: Pusha T & Digable Planets

Pusha T…I really have no clue about his music, but I have heard of him and for $5, hell, I’ll roll those dice. Digable Planets are a bit more memorable from my junior high school music listening days. Once again, worth the $5. Only 3 shows left of Twilight and then the sky turns grey, your runny noes freezes and Corona won’t taste good anymore.


Friday 8/19

•Gin Blossoms at the Dejoria Center

Why at the Gin Blossoms playing in Kamas? That’s not for you to know. You should know is that Gin Blossoms were the core ingredient the keeping the sway on X96 during the 90’s amidst the grungy guitars of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Sarah McLauglin. They’re Grammy nominated, too.


•The Fixx at The Fallout

Sitting in the X96 Promotions Meeting the other day, Kerry, Bill, Gina & Todd were all giddy as they spat out song titles and glee as the remaining members of the X96 staff looked on in confusion. Here’s what I know: The Fixx are a big deal to anyone over 40 and I know this song…

Oh, I know “Saved By Zero” as well. And “Red Skies.” Dammit. Looks like I am staying in Salt Lake and going to The Fixx instead of heading to Kamas.

•Rebelution at The Complex

It’s the interesting genre of Santa Barbara Reggae. I have no idea what this mean exactly outside of Jamacia reggae, but if you didn’t catch enough of the vibes at Reggae Rise Up last Sunday you can get your fix here along with The Green + J Boog, Stick Figure, Through The Roots & DJ Mackle.


•Steve Miller Band at Deer Valley

Apparently, Red Butte didn’t have room in their lineup for the tree shakin’ peach likin’ yacht rockers (and yes, some bands are born into it and some grow into it). You know that hits, now see them live at Deer Valley. I picked this fan-made video for “Jungle Love” for obvious reasons.


•Knife Skills 101 at Sur La Table

In a world where guns threaten our way of life as white hats and black hats battle it out, you should learn to use a knife because after all that shooting, you’ll really need to eat something healthy and healthy starts with a homemade meal. Sur La Table at the Gateway will turn you into a chopping machine so you’re ready for soup season. Starts at 11am and you’ll need $60, too. This kind of elite training isn’t free.


•Salt Lake Gallery Stroll

For those of you who don’t know, the gallery stroll takes place in downtown Salt Lake on the third Friday of every month (except December when it’s the first – because of baby Jesus, I suppose). Lots of great local and regional artists are featured and it’s a lovely social event that usually ends up with me looking into an empty bottle of Miller High Life complaining about the gouache renaissance as of late.


Saturday 8/20

•Deftones at Great Saltair

The most melodic angry band you’ll ever love, The Deftones have been keeping the distortion going for decades and are back with a new album “Gore”, which you get a free copy of with purchase of your ticket. Always put on a great show, espcially when they play my favorite song, “Mascara.”


•Real Salt Lake vs FC Dallas

Kick-off is at 8pm at Rio Tinto and get there early for Carnival Real, wear your red and GET LOUD! Here’s to hoping they bounce back after that loss to the smug Seattle Sounders last week.


•The Color Run at Library Square

“Let’s go for a run.” You’ve lost me. “Let’s go for a run and have colored chalk thrown all over us.” I’ve thrown you out of my house. Some people find this fun, though. I get it. It all started with the Holi Festival where lots of white Utahns co-opted another culture for unjustifiable reasons. At some point someone begged the question, “Hey, what else can we do with this chalk?” Either way, if it’s your thing, have fun.


•The Ataris at Metro Bar

If you haven’t heard this song 8 times in the last 24 hours on X96 your aren’t listening hard enough. The Ataris, hit up Metro Bar for this 21+ show along with As We Speak and The Archives.



 Sunday 8/21

•Journey with Doobie Brothers at USANA

I am having extreme flashbacks at the amount of Journey I had to listen to growing up by even acknowledging this event. Just click the link for details.


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