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Dave Matthews Band at USANA on Tuesday, August 27th!

*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

• Iron and Wine at Ogden Amphitheatre

Wax up your mustache and chill the IPAs! This is one of 4 shows left of the 2019 Ogden Twilight concert series that will also feature Calexico and Orville Peck.


• Dressy Bessy at Urban Lounge

Lovely indie from our neighboring state, Colorado, Dressy Bessy takes their name from a famous 1970’s doll. I’ve loved this band since the mid-2000s. Catch ’em if you can… you should.


• Reggae Rise Up at River’s Edge

Rebelution, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Slightly Stoopid, Matisyahu, and a lot more to prevent any mellows from being harshed for three whole days in the very tolerant city of Heber, Utah.


• Thievery Corporation at Deer Valley

Special guest, Talia Keys, will take in the fresh air and splendor that is the Snow Park Amphiteatre in Deer Valley as their music series continues. Pack up the cool with a nice rosé and some charcuterie and put your pinkies in the air and don’t wave them like you just don’t care.


• 2019 Utah Renaissance Faire

Vikings, mermaids (?), jousting, armored combat, music, food, and…hot damn! Jousting! It must mean we are upon the eve of the 2019 Utah Renaissance Faire in lovely Lehi.


•Quiet Riot at The Royal

Yes, I said Quiet Riot. Bang your head. Not doubt that girls will be rockin’ their boys over the noize, noize, noize.


• Made in Utah Festival at The Gateway

If you’ve ever wondered, “Hey, what’s made in Utah?” Well, they should be able to answer that for you. Anyway, this is a free event to attend featuring Utah musicians, locally crafted cocktails, beer, and wine, food trucks, and 100 Utah people that make Utah things.


• Marvel Trivia Bar Crawl

With Fan X one week away, you need to start getting into the spirit of geekdom. This should help. Trivia at 4 bars kicks off at 4 pm with a grand prize going to the winning team. Your team can have to 8 people who drink to avenge…their sorrows. There will be a costume contest, raggles, and – if you’re not hulk-smashed enough, get Thanos’ed at the after-party. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this isn’t a Marvel-sanctioned event.


• The Stray Cats at Red Butte Gardens

The Stray Cats 40th Anniversary Tour is sold out. No idea why I am posting this other than I thought you might like to watch the video for “Stray Cats Strut.”


• Dave Matthews Band at USANA

Nothing like a live, 45-minute version of “Crash Into Me” to make for a raucous Tuesday night. Pound some Mad Dog 20/20 and grove with Dave and the guys at USANA.


• Collective Soul and Gin Blossoms

Say it with me now…”YEAHHHHHHHH!” Sandy Amphitheatre blows up like it’s 1995…plus, have you heard? They serve beer now! Look at Sandy gettin’ all secular on us. I’m so proud. One more time! “YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


What a week!

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