Corey O’Brien’s Concert and Event Calendar | Week of February 26th

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*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

• Extreme Midget Wrestling at The Royal

“This is a body slamming activity… MIDGET STYLE!!! The World’s smallest wrestlers are competing for the title! Midgets vs. Dwarfs in an all-out Pro Wrestling War. Extreme Midget Wrestling will shock and delight you! We are the baddest little show on earth! Don’t miss this epic event!!!” That’s their copy, not mine. Rock n’ roll!!!


• Hive Live at Soundwell SLC

Hit up Soundwell and check out Tribe of I, Native Leaves, and Newborn Slaves because it’s only Wednesday day and vibes are chill until at least 3 pm on Thursday.


• The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at Metro Music Hall

Yeah, we’re still playing “Face Down” and we’re proud of it.


• X96 $25 Night Riding at Brighton

Just text “Brighton” to 33986 and we will send you back a coupon to use at Brighton Friday night and ride for only $25! Send it.


• Rob Schnider at the Jeanne Wanger Theatre

This is no ordinary show with Deuce! Nope. It’s two shows with Deuce in one evening! However, from what I have read on the internet, they are both being taped for posterity. You’ll have to buy tickets for each show separately, though. Solid evening.


• The Republican Irish Pub’s 15th Anniversary

How fitting that the first day of March would be a fine day to kick off the month and end a weekend! According to the event details, “As this may be the last anniversary party we throw, let’s make it a good one!” Well, you hear ’em.


• Super Tuesday

Last week was Fat Tuesday. This week is Super Tuesday. You know what to do if you haven’t already!!!



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The Calendar is brought to you by Live Nation!

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