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*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!


•G. Love and Special Sauce at The State Room

Just imagine, I used to get yelled out for playing “Cold Beverage” about 15 years ago on X96. Good to see we are both still around.



•Mayday Parade at The Complex

Do you feel sad? No! Would you like to be? Well, relieve your high school emo years and join Mayday Parade for their “A Lesson in Romantics 10 Anniversary Tour” at The Complex. Though, and come to think of it, a lot of times listening to sad and emotionally straining music makes some people happy. Thoughts like this can only thrive in Oceania.


•Utah Film Center’s Movie Trivia Night at Bourbon House

Be at least 21 and know who directed “Battleship Potemkin.” Know the lead of “La’ Aventura.” Or just got and drink and let your team do all the heavy recollecting of their film theory classes before they wised up and realized being a lawyer or engineer would be a better long-term goal.


•Ballet West: The Little Mermaid at Capitol Theatre

Under the sea, but onstage! Take a trip into Hans Christian Andersen’s watery world, complete with a brave mermaid, a prince in search of true love, and a devious sea witch. Running tomorrow night as well. They (not Ballet West, but someone) are making a live-action version of the classic. Here’s the trailer:



•Regina Spektor at Saltair

Do you feel sad? No! Would you like to be? Well, relieve your college emo years and join Regina Spektor at Saltair. Though, and come to think of it, a lot of times listening to sad and emotionally straining music makes some people happy. Thoughts like this can only thrive in Oceania. Wow! Dejavu. (Note: I’ve heard this show have been canceled, moved, and a few other scinereos. Frankly, I don’t know what to believe.)


•Alton Brown: Eat You Science at Abravanel Hall

You’ve seen him on The Food Network and you can watch him below on The Late Show, but Alton Brown is Satan to some (typically, those who eat only canned foods and own no pots and/or pans) and some who find his refreshing mix of science and culinary delights. Physics and food. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted on a Friday night.



•”Serial” Podcast Creators Sarah Koenig & Julie Snyder

Peabody award-winning podcast pioneers Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder, the creators of NPR’s “Serial,” take audiences behind-the-scenes on April 1 to banter about the phenomenon they unleashed. The fastest podcast to reach five million downloads in iTunes history (and now at more than 100 million downloads), “Serial” reflects Koenig-Snyder’s brand new form of journalism – an investigative, free-wheeling approach that takes just one story, which is then drilled down further and further until a more curious story is revealed.  That and my mom really liked this podcast. Season 2 sucked though. Everyone thought so.


•The Maine at Club Sound

The Maine will be joined by Beach Weather on this, the Lovely, Little, Lonely Tour, so go to that. Even more interesting is that they will be performing a very special X96 Lounge X performance at noon at Club 50 West, which you need to be at least 21 to attend or have someone with you that is. Rules is rules.


•Ozomatli at The State Room

Most known to everyone else from their track on the X-Games Vol. 1 Soundtrack from the late 90s…just kidding. That’s where I thought I remembered them from. I think looked it up and found out I was super wrong. It happens. For those of you who aren’t fans, think a funkier Jack Johnson with a Latin spin from Los Angeles singing about how things used to be. To be honest, this will be a really good show.  As a matter of a fact here’s a video of Jack Johnson, G. Love and Ozomatli performing together.


•Senses Fail at The Complex

From the emo to the screamo, we’re doing a full musical journey this week.


•RSL Monarchs at Rio Tinto Stadium

Monarchs’ home opener! They’re taking on Phoenix and they will win. They will.



•Feminist Pub Trivia at Green Pig

I don’t know if this is a meeting of the She-Ra Manhaters Club, an all-inclusive event or something in between. Wear some pink, don’t bring up the President and you should be fine.  Questions will be focused on legislative issues and politics! Also, if you are the dressing up sort, we invite you to come decked out in your best political attire — be that your Hillary pantsuit or your fave campaign tee! There can be a max 8 people per team (2 minimum). Teams must call The Green Pig Pub at (801) 532-7441 to make reservation w/ Team Name and number of people. Please arrive early to get your seats, order something to eat and drink, and get enthused for the competition! The questioning will begin promptly at 3:00 pm. Update: I was just informed that guys are welcome. I take back the first sentence of this paragraph.



•Gracie’s Monday Night Jazz Session

Snag yourself some brown liquor on the rocks and enjoy some Jazz…family home evening? Let whiskey be your family. Just for tonight. The Jazz Vespers Quartet (David Halliday, Courtney Isaiah Smith, Denson Angulo, and Stephen Lyman) play from 7:00pm-10:00pm out on the patio or inside after the game if inclement weather and open the stage to local musicians who wish to sit-in with the band! There’s no cover and vocalists, horn players, and rhythm section players are all welcome! Guitarists, please bring your amps. Gracie’s is 21+



•The Nobodys at The Heavy Metal Shop

Yes! FREE punk show at The Heavy Metal Shop, god bless ’em. The show starts at  6 pm, it’s all ages and you’re going!



There’s always more on our YUGE calendar.

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