Corey O’Brien’s Concert and Event Calendar | Week of November 15th

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*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

•Cindy Williams of B-52’s at Metro Music Hall

TINNNNN roof! Rusty! Cindy Wilson is a vocalist, songwriter and a founding member of new wave rock band The B-52s. She is currently producing solo work and performing a new show called “Change”.



•Dave Attell at Wiseguys

Insomniac Salt Lake time ad Dave returns to Salt Lake – boogaly! He was named one of the “25 Funniest People in America” by Entertainment Weekly Magazine. His caustic wit, rapid-fire delivery and his choice of material that can best be described as “very adult” has earned him the reputation as a “comic’s comic.” But if you ask Attell, he’d say, “I’m just trying to get some laughs and sell some drinks.”


•New Found Glory at The Complex

It’s the 20 Years of Pop Punk Tour. Pop Punk on, Wayne! Pop Punk on, Garth!


•Randy Record’s $2 Sale

Put them fat stax of wax on your back and indulge those empty shelves with hispter artifacts. Over 1500 LPs put out on both Friday & Saturday morning, so get there early for first dibs.



•Morrissey at Kingsbury Hall

“He’ll cancel” jokes aside, Morrissey has been breaking out some Smiths’ songs he hasn’t played live before or not in a long time, this is a good time to catch Moz and since the show is at Kingsbury Hall you can catch some pizza at the pie…or maybe just a salad at The Pie before the show.


•Down the Rabbit Hole at The Eccles

Mythbusters alumni Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara are coming off their widely successful launch of the White Rabbit Project on Netflix. Now the trio will hit the road using their scientific sleuth skills, as they head DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE to investigate weird and wonderful events from pop culture, science and history bringing their unique brand of spectacular popular science experimentation to a city near you. I hope they do the Blue Dart Popcorn Challenge!


•John Cleese at Eccles Theatre

Living comedy legend, JOHN CLEESE, is heading in your general direction for a live and truly unforgettable evening of conversation and audience Q&A.*** Absurd and/or ridiculous questions only are requested, please. John will tell stories of his life and career and you just may finally find out the air-speed of an unladen swallow. Before John silly walks his way on to the stage, the excitement will build as the audience will get to watch Monty Python and the HolyGrail in its entirety on the big screen.


•Flobots at Urban Lounge

There is no way you can count how many times X96 played this song in 2009 and 2010. There’s not even a number that high.


There’s always more on our YUGE calendar.

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