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*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

• Royal Bliss Thanksgiving Blast at The Depot

I’ve gotta give up to Royal Bliss. They are still one of the most beloved bands in Utah after all these years and a great bunch of guys, so you really should be thankful they are on their 17th- Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Bash. They’ll be joined by another great band, Broke City along with Levi Connor and Skumbudz. This is a 21+ kind of party at The Depot.


• X96 Food Drive at Dave and Buster’s

We’re scared of the world outside of the comfiness of the X96, so we only leave for a good cause. There is no better cause than helping out people who might be having a hard go of things and when you don’t have enough to eat, things are pretty rough. Help us out by snagging some non-perishable foods and some frozen turkeys and hams and drop them off at Dave and Buster’s at The Gateway as we broadcast live from 6 am through 7 pm. You could win some great prizes from Dave and Buster’s, X96, and The Stateroom Presets. Thanks for helping in advance!


• Thanksgiving

Whether it’s turkey, tofurkey, drinking Wild Turkey with friends, or just some yams (gross), or a full-on political argument with your family, X96 hopes you have a fantastic day and you are able to hold off on putting up your Christmas decoration for another week. If you do that, we promise to not play Blink-182’s “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas” for another two weeks. Deal?

• Neon Indian at Metro Music Hall

Too soon? I mean Thanksgiving was just yesterday. Anyway, you can head downtown and see the lights, walk around Temple Square with your spiked hot chocolate (we know what’s in that flask) and then pop over and catch some “chillwave” with Neon Indian at Metro, where they won’t judge you for imbibing. Groovy.


• Matisyahu at Soundwell

Still one of my favorite EPs of all time! “Live at Stubb’s” will forever be in my home music rotation. Matisyahu will perform 2 nights as Soundwell (tonight at tomorrow night) for the Fall Us Tour. Bedouin Soundclash is the opener for this 21+ gathering presented by Reggae Rise Up.


• Utah FurBowl at Bonwood Bowling Ally

Two things you have to remember to do today. 1. Pay your rent. 2. Go bowling with the United Furry Fandom at Salt Lake’s bowling mecca, Bonwood Bowl.


• The 1975 at The Complex

As you hopefully know by now, we are throwing two Xmas parties this year. Night one of the X96 Toyota Nightmare Before Xmas kicks off with The 1975 and I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. This one is selling fast, so we hope you aren’t procrastinating on your ticket purchase.


• The Offspring at The Complex

Night 2 of the X96 Toyota Nightmare Before Xmas will feature a very special acoustic performance from The Offspring. You really should have already purchased tickets for all your loved ones. If not, click on the button and get shopping!


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