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No Quater at The Depot on Saturday, October 20th

*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

• Warren Miller’s Face of Winter at Jenne Wagner Theatre

It’s that time again, or yes, it’s that time again. Warren Miller is releasing the 69th film of this genre, but don’t fret! If you can’t get tickets to this screening it is playing all along the Wasatch Front.


• Agent Orange at Metro Music Hall

1980 surf-punk band are still going and the are coming to Metro Music Hall for this 21+ show.


• M.C. Lars at The Loading Dock

The name may sound familiar, but from where…oh it was from back in 2006 when we played a song called “Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock.” Ahhh that rings a bell. Well, MC Lars has been busy 7 albums since then and one on the way.


• Ladies of LCD Soundsystem at Urban Lounge

No, this is not an LCD Soundsystem show. Ladies of LCD Soundsystem are two members of LCD Soundsystem, Gavin Rayna Russom and Nancy Whang. Salt Lake is the kick-off of their U.S. Tour. According to Billboard, “The duo promises to spotlight local women and non-binary musicians as opening acts at each leg of their tour. A dollar from each ticket sale will be donated to RAINN and their 24/7 sexual assault survivor hotline.” Russon identifies as a trans woman. This will be a stellar dance party!


• Timpanogos Board Game Convention at Utah Valley Convention Center

Bored? Well, you are only are bored as you are lacking board games, sucka! What can one expect at a board game convention? Glad you asked…well, a lot of board games and vendors with new, powerful games, to keep us in sequels of “Game Night” for the foreseeable future. I’ll be there with my Hero Quest, chocolate milk, and Pixie Stix.


• Utah Cann 2018 at Mountain America Expo Center

Though for some, it’s more like Utah Bann…amirite, guise? No doubt you’ve already voted yes on Prop 2, so let’s get on with it already.  “Utah’s inaugural Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo at the to learn more about the important issues related to medical cannabis. Topics will include discussions on cannabis medical benefits, Utah’s shifting political landscape, plus scientific and financial trends.” I am glad we can finally gather and start to talk about the healing. Runs through Saturday.


• Wayne Kramer & MC5 at Metro Music Hall

Landmark, Detroit rock band MC is coming to Metro Music Hall with founding member Wayne Kramer for the 50th-anniversary tour. Of course, Fred “Sonic” Smith, Robert Tyer and Michael Davis have passed, but Dennis Thompson is still with them. You can’t stop the rock. That’s what I’m am saying.


• Anime Banzai at Davis Conference Center

Utah needs to just change its name to “The Cosplay State.” When it is not Halloween here? Anyway, “Anime Banzai is Utah’s premier and largest Anime Convention. A 3-day weekend featuring attendee oriented events such as Celebrity Guests, Gaming Competitions, Scavenger Hunts, Panels, Cosplay, an Arcade, and much More! Anime Banzai creates a family-friendly environment. Centered around the education and expansion of Anime Pop-culture in America and Utah. Banzai is proud to showcase the talents of both local and out-of-state artists in a dedicated Artist Alley. Celebrity Guests include famous voice actors, artists, and talents from within the Anime industry.” Runs though Sunday.


• Stryper at Leatherhead Sports Bar

Life rockers are bringing the gospel to Draper. It’s like I always say, “to hell with the devil.” I’m always saying that.


• A Perfect Circle at Maverik Center

Maynard’s other, other band is touring on the latest album, “Eat the Elephant” that contains the best song of the year that you will only hear me play on my show because people fear the passion and truth that “So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish” contains. Also, Maverik Center, I love you, but $10 for parking? Really? Can we just do $5. Seems reasonable.


• Oktoberfest at Snowbird

The snow is screaming it’s last call on Oktoberfest at Snowbird. If you haven’t been up for the Chicken Dance this is your last shot. Take warm clothes…winter is coming. Right now!


•Strung Out at Urban Lounge

Punk. On a Tuesday. What more do you want?


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