Could Washington Change Its Name In Time For The 2020 Season?

The Washington Redskins are considering a name change after promising a “thorough review” of its controversial nickname last week. But could a change actually be made in time for the 2020 season?

NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt doesn’t think so. Appearing on the Redskins Talk Podcast, Brandt said changing the name and logo just weeks before kickoff would take a “Herculean effort” considering all the marketing materials, signage, and merch that would have to change.

Brandt said it would make more sense for the team to play one year simply as “Washington” or use a “provisional name” and make the full switch in 2021.

You’ve been given sole authority to choose a new name for the team – what’s your pick? What should they do about the 2020 season if they can’t make the switch in time?

In related news, Target, Walmart, and Nike have all said they will no longer sell any merch with Washington’s logo or name on it.

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