David Bowie, Tina Turner, and an Unforgettable Pepsi Ad

Tina Turner
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In Honor of Tina Turner: Recalling the Infamous Pepsi Ad With David Bowie

Tina Turner’s Unconventional Arrival in a Pepsi Ad

As tributes for Tina Turner continue to pour in from around the globe, we’re drawn back to an odd yet memorable instance from her illustrious career. This peculiar moment revolves around a 1987 Pepsi commercial that featured Turner and the late great David Bowie.

Bowie’s Scientist Role and Turner’s Surprise Entrance

The commercial spotlights Bowie as a geeky scientist with a mission: to construct the perfect woman in his laboratory, reminiscent of the plot in the film “Weird Science” (An equally bizarre relic from the 80s) However, Tina Turner unexpectedly materializes when he inadvertently pours Pepsi into the equipment. As “Modern Love” plays, they both revel in dance under a gleaming Pepsi logo. Watch the full commercial below:

Tina Turner’s Three-Part Pepsi Journey

Turner showcased her talent in three separate Pepsi commercials in total. Notable mentions include a 1990 duet with the magnetic Rod Stewart and the catchy 1986 ad “We Got The Taste.” Watch that one below:

What’s Your Pepsi Memory?

Can you recall this unforgettable Bowie-Turner commercial? What other commercials from the 1980s hold a special place in your memory?

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