DEA Makes Largest Meth Bust in History

In what authorities say is the biggest meth bust in U.S. history, the Drug Enforcement Administration on Wednesday announced the seizure of 5,200 pounds of methamphetamine in California.

The massive amount of meth, which agents placed in a pile measuring 10 feet high, was discovered in two homes located in California’s Inland Empire, the DEA reveals. Agents also seized 893 pounds of cocaine and 13 pounds of heroin in the bust. The operation is believed to be tied to Mexico’s Shinaloa Cartel, says DEA administrator Timothy Shea.

The drugs have a street value of $18 million, Shea says. “These seizures are significant, not just because of the shear volume, but because it’s a sign of a deeply concerning trend,” he says. “Meth is pouring into the United States through our southern border and it’s destroying too many communities and, more importantly, too many lives.”

Would a completed border wall decrease the amount of drugs brought into the U.S.? Hasn’t meth been replaced as the top drug of choice?

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