Disney Reveals Trailer For Live Action “Mulan”

Disney continues to work back through its archives to give the live action treatment to its films (when are they going to get to “The Black Cauldron” and “Robin Hood”, I wonder?) this time with the re-envisioning of 1998’s “Mulan.” The film isn’t set to be released until March 27, 2020. If that seems too far away, fear not! You’ll get the live action “Lion King” on the 19th of this month to tide you over or you could go back and watch the live action “The Jungle Book.” Either way, you’re going to get a lot more. According to “Time” magazine, we’re getting another “101 Dalmations” live-action film for Christmas of 2012 called “Cruella”, “Peter Pan”, “Tink” (-er Bell,), Pinocchio, “Red Rose” (“Snow White”) and “Little Mermaid” of course with an announcement that set Twitter on fire over the weekend. What I am really saying is “Mulan” will be pretty cool, I suppose.

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