Dog Thought Lost in Tornado Returns 54 Days Later

The AP says that a missing dog that alerted her family to a series of deadly tornados was found nearly two months after the storms had passed. The Johnson family home in Putnam County had been flattened shortly before Bella, the family’s Australian Shepherd, began barking and alerting the family to danger. Faith Johnson suffered broken ribs from holding her children too tightly and Eric Johnson was blown off of his family after crouching over them in a bathtub. Bella had gone missing, too. 19 Putnam County deaths resulted from the storms.

Neighbors reported seeing Bella after the tornados and the Johnson family never stopped searching for her, leaving pieces of clothing in the neighborhood so the dog would hopefully recognize the smell. 54 days later, a woman who tracks missing animals was able to retrieve Bella after the dog stopped to eat food put out for her. The family is thankful to have Bella back, telling ABC 6 “It completes our family now and puts back a missing piece.”

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