See Mostly Every Concert in 2018 for only $250!?!

photo by Corey O'Brien

How many shows does it take to get to the center of Salt Lake?

A lot! The good news is that if you’re a music lover, for merely $250 you can see every show at Metro Music Hall and Urban Lounge if you’re 21 and over or see every show at Kilby Court for $150 (all ages) or see one show a month for $60 with monthly tickets transferable to the next in case you miss a month. Not too shabby. The one problem? You better act fast. There is a limited amount, so get while the gettin’ is good.

Imagine snagging one of these for a buddy for Christmas. Every time they hit up a show they will hold you in higher and higher regard and no doubt will be considered better than Jelly of the Month Club.

Proceeds raised are making this deal even cooler, because they are using the money to upgrade venues and make show going in Salt Lake even better.

You can purchase yours here.

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