Playlist | New Fall 2016 Alt

Nice peacoat, bro!

Oh, the leaves! All the god-damned leaves! Rake, rake! Crunch, crunch! All that work only to have those tree discardings trans-morph into a slimy muck that sticks to the bottom of your waffle-stompers and gets ground into your carpet. No one wants mucky carpet. That’s just housekeeping 101. Don’t sweat it because there’s so much great new music that not even pumpkin spice can bring you this much joy – happy, happy, joy, joy. So let me refresh your fall music playlist like that barista or baristo served you up another cup of hot, hip flavor. You do know that pumpkins are a squash, right? You are drinking hot squash. Go ahead and get another hot cup o’ gourd.

Glass Animals “Season 2 Episode 3”

Alex Frankel “Negative Space”

Phantogram “You’re Mine”

Placebo “Jesus’ Son”

Green Day “Bouncing Off the Wall”

The Shelters “Birdwatching”

Christine and the Queens “Tilted”

The Hour “No One’s Going to Heaven”

NoFX “I Don’t Like Me Anymore”

Paper Route “Laugh About It”

Cloud Nothings “Modern Act”

Empire of the Sun “To Her Door”

The Naked and Famous “The Runners”

Or just hit play and enjoy the entire playlist…

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