Fans Disagree With Kevin Feige Saying The Oscars Are Biased Against Marvel


Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio President, is giving his two cents on the Oscars and why Marvel movies are never nominated.

He said, “I think we are always at a deficit because of the Marvel logo and because of a genre bias that certainly exists. I just loved that for a shining moment there with Black Panther that was put aside and the work was recognized for the achievement that it was… I sure would love the hard work of all of these people who are telling their story to get recognized.”

However, some fans don’t agree. One said, “I guess if Feige wants to keep the MCU as the underdog narrative going it’s time to pretend he can make Oscar movies.”
Another wrote, “none of the mcu movies deserve an oscar except that one they got for black panther mcu movies are simply not that f—king good feige.”

One fan also said, “make a coherent screenplay and actually put some thoughts into it. the oscar nominated films aren’t known for playing it safe feige”
Do you agree with Kevin or with the fans?

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