Florida Governor Files Sanction against Grim Reaper

Florida’s “Grim Reaper” lawyer is back in the news – only this time, he’s at the other end of legal action.

Attorneys for Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday filed paperwork seeking to have Daniel Uhlfelder sanctioned, which is legal-speak for being punished or fined.
Uhlfelder is the lawyer who dressed as the Grim Reaper and toured the state in March to protest DeSantis’ refusal to shut down businesses. However, Uhlfelder’s lawsuit against the governor was dismissed.

In court paperwork, DeSantis’ lawyers accuse Uhlfelder of “empty political posturing,” telling the court his behavior “warrants repercussions.”

Are DeSantis’ lawyers pushing this one step too far? Would it be wrong to punish someone for speaking out against elected officials?

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