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Is that some food news stuck in your teeth?

Food News You Can Choke On knows the holidays can be rough, so we encourage you to eat your feelings, with a side of love.

Arizona Dispensary Gets Creative

An Arizona dispensary is getting creative for the holidays. Mint Cannabis’ Tempe/Guadalupe dispensary will be open more than 135 hours during Thanksgiving week to provide cannabis-infused pies and sides for a deliciously laid-back holiday.

The side dishes include gravy, cranberry sauce, garlic herb butter, and cornbread. There will also be cannabis-infused pumpkin and pecan pies. On Black Friday, they will offer cannabis-infused coffee to fuel the whirlwind of shopping. Who at your Thanksgiving table most needs a cannabis-infused side?

Chicago Business Makes Side Bars

An ice cream shop in Chicago is selling a collection of Thanksgiving specials. Pretty Cool Ice Cream has six seasonal flavors including four ice cream bars inspired by Thanksgiving sides. There is green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing, sweet potato marshmallows, and pumpkin pie.

You’ll also find a baked Brie cranberry ice cream sandwich and a vegan Ambrosia salad by the pint. The green bean casserole bar starts featuring porcini mushroom ice cream on a stick, which is dipped into cheesy white chocolate, which makes a magical shell. Then the whole thing gets finished with crispy slivers of onions and, of course, green beans. Pretty Cool is also working on an ice cream version of a port wine cheese ball, “round and rolled in nuts just like the real deal.” What’s the weirdest ice cream you ever ate?

Twinkies Candy Canes Drop

Candy cane lovers now have another flavor to enjoy. Twinkies recently released limited-edition Twinkies flavored canes for the holidays. They are yellow and white, come in boxes of 12, and are flavored to taste like the iconic snack.

The Twinkies candy canes are available in-store at Dollar General and Michaels locations. You can also purchase them from the Blair Candy website with other unique candy cane flavors, including Starburst, Thin Mint, Hawaiian Punch, and hot dogs. Have you ever eaten a novelty candy cane? What flavor?

FDA Warning: Don’t Eat Raw Oysters If You Live In These States

The Food and Drug Administration is warning residents of 13 states to avoid eating oysters after dozens of people have been infected with the sapovirus. The oysters were shipped from the Dai One Food Company in South Korea to the following U.S. states: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, per the FDA. Anyone who recently purchased oysters in these states should either throw them away or return them to their place of purchase, FDA officials say.

The sapovirus can cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, extreme stomach pain, fever, and headaches, per the FDA. Is there a type of food you’ll no longer eat because it once made you sick in the past?

Where To Find One Of The Best Hot Chocolates

If you are visiting Disney World during the holidays, you’ll probably be craving some hot chocolate at some point (and really, who isn’t?). And according to Disney Food Blog, Chestnuts and Good Cheer has one delicious hot chocolate.

The ingredients are hot cocoa, Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey, whipped cream, and candied nuts. The drink is $11.50 or $3.75 for the non-alcoholic version (buy why?). What do you like to include in your hot chocolate?

Florida Woman Sues Velveeta Over Cooking Time Of Mac And Cheese

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against Kraft Heinz Foods Company, claiming Velveeta’s Microwavable Shells and Cheese Cups take longer than the time stated on the box. In a class action suit filed in U.S. District Court, Hialeah resident Amanda Ramirez says she never would have purchased the product had she known it would take longer than the time printed on the box. According to the suit, the front of the box reads, “Ready in 3 1/2 minutes.” However, the instructions list four steps in making the mac and cheese — and just one of them is, “Microwave for 3 1/2 minutes,” per the suit.

Ramirez is seeking more than $5 million, including statuary and punitive damages, interest, and “costs.” What product has the most misleading label?

Holiday Pies Spotted At McDonald’s

There has been a Holiday Pie sighting at McDonald’s! The fan-favorite seasonal dessert features a creamy and smooth vanilla custard filling inside a buttery crust glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

The new pies are available at select locations with wider nationwide availability starting in early December. What’s the best fast-food dessert?

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