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Food News You Can Choke On has zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero cholesterol, but will waste a good 4 minutes of your day!

What Chocolate Chip Cookie Brand is King?

Which cookie brand is the best?

Well, you could try them all. Or you can take the advice of a TODAY writer who put them to the test.

They tried 11 brands and ranked them. Coming in last were Mrs. Field’s Milk Chocolate Chip cookies.

They said, “A Mrs. Fields cookie cake from the mall: great. A Mrs. Fields individually wrapped cookie: not so great.”

Other brands tried were Keebler, Entenmanns, Pillsbury, Famous Amos, Chips Ahoy, and more.

Coming in at No.1 was Tate’s Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They said, “They’re buttery, but light and not too sweet. They also taste as you purchased them from an artisanal cookie shop in Brooklyn that forages only the highest quality ingredients.”

What cookie brands are your go-to?

Have You Tried Whiskey Finished In Absinthe Barrels?

Cask finishing is all the rage in the whiskey world, as distilleries look for different ways to add flavor to their spirits.

A new rye whiskey from Kentucky Peerless is taking the trend to a new level with absinthe casks.

Absinthe is an anise-flavored spirit that is made using various botanicals.

It’s usually high-proof, green in color, and has been hailed for its reputed hallucinogenic effects, which are much exaggerated.

Master distiller Caleb Kilburn explained, “I wanted something that would provide the perfect contrasting notes to allow both the rye and the absinthe to be appreciated. Bold, exciting, intriguing, and bursting at the seams with flavor, this crossover is the perfect example of what few artisans with big ambitions can accomplish when they come together.”

According to the distillery, the whiskey was “exposed” to two separate casks and the product has notes of candied licorice on the nose, followed by orange, oak, cinnamon, sweet grass, and, yes, absinthe on the palate.

Have you ever had absinthe? How did it affect you?

Denny’s Launches Social Stars-Influenced Menu

If a night of drinking won’t influence you to head to Denny’s, then perhaps some social media influencers will. Denny’s has a new Social Stars-influenced menu featuring new menu items developed in partnership with popular TikTok creators who have a passion for food.

The new menu items include the It’s Bananas salted caramel pancakes, the Straight Up Bourbon steak, and the Yes, We Pecan! salted caramel milkshake.

The latest installment of the Social Stars-influenced menu can be ordered in-store, online, and through Denny’s app.

Where’s your favorite late-night food stop?

Cream Cheese Boards Blow Up TikTok

Forget butter boards and make way for cream cheese boards.

Cream cheese boards are exactly like butter boards, but instead of butter on a serving board, it’s cream cheese.

The cream cheese is adorned with toppings and served with dippable sides like lox, bagel pieces, baked potatoes, veggies and fruit.
Both butter and cream cheese boards are alternatives to charcuterie boards.

Foodies suggest using herbed or flavored cream cheese, and toppings like fig jam, apple slices, honey, red onion, capers, etc.

What kinds of food boards have you made?

2022 Halloween Freebies, Deals, And Specials

Halloween is just days away and many companies are getting into the spirit with big deals and freebies.

Among the businesses giving away free stuff are 7-Eleven, Applebee’s, IHOP, and Krispy Kreme!

Chipotle is bringing back its Boorito costume promotion for a $6 entree, while Sonic will have 50-cent corn dogs all Halloween day and Wendy’s will have app deals from October 27 to Halloween.

If you want to check out a whole list of Halloween deals, freebies, and specials, head over to!

What are your plans for Halloween? Are there any Halloween specials from restaurants that you are looking forward to?

More Food and Health News

New Frosty Flavor Coming

Wendy’s is releasing a new Peppermint Frosty next month.

The holiday flavor will be released on November 15th along with some other new treats.

The chain is introducing a new Italian mozzarella chicken sandwich, an Italian mozzarella cheeseburger and…wait for it…garlic fries.

What flavor Frosty would get you salivating?

Starbucks Christmas Menu Returns

Christmas is coming to Starbucks.

The chain has shared its Christmas menu in the UK, which has Americans guessing about the chain’s holiday menu here in the states.

A rumored seasonal menu has leaked, and it will reportedly contain seven festive items.

The drink flavors will reportedly include Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee Latte, Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Chestnut Praline Latte, and an Irish Cream Cold Brew.
There are also rumored food items like a Chocolate Pistachio Swirl, a Snowman Cookie, a Sugar Plumb Cheese Danish, Reindeer Cake Pops, and a Cranberry Bliss Bar.

The rumored menu appears to be the same as last year, so some coffee connoisseurs aren’t buying the leaked info.

What do you think about the rumored holiday menu? What would you like to see on it?

Baskin Robbins Unveils November Flavor

Baskin-Robbins is ready to ring in November with its new Flavor of the Month.

The chain will feature a cookie butter ice cream, which features rich cookie butter and vanilla ice creams combined with cookie butter swirls and crumbles of speculoos-style cookie pieces.

The treat will be available starting next month at participating Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide for a limited time.

Where’s your favorite place to get ice cream?

Noodles And Company Adds Impossible Panko Chicken

Noodles & Company is launching new plant-based Impossible Panko Chicken nationwide.

The move follows a successful test in select markets earlier this year.

Impossible Panko Chicken can be added to any Noodles dish, or enjoyed as part of two featured entrees, LEANguini Rosa with Impossible Chicken and Impossible Orange Chicken Lo Mein.

Impossible Panko Chicken is guaranteed under Noodles’ Goodness Guarantee program, which encourages fans to try something new with the promise that if they don’t love their meal, the company will exchange it for a different dish at no cost.

What’s your favorite meatless dish?

Dunkin Candy Line Coming

Dunkin’ is partnering with Frankford Candy to introduce a new line of chocolate candies inspired by fan-favorite Dunkin’ beverages and donuts.

The Dunkin’ Box O’ Chocolates, along with two new hot chocolate bomb varieties, are rolling out now and will be available for a limited time at retailers nationwide, as well Amazon and Frankford Candy’s website.

The Dunkin’ candies are donut-shaped and feature three flavors: Boston Kreme, Brownie Batter, and Chocolate Crème.

The chocolates are packaged in a box that resembles the iconic Dunkin’ Munchkins Donut Hole box.

What two food companies should collaborate and for what?

Red Cups Are Coming!

Starbucks red cup lovers are waiting, and a new report says they’ll be waiting a little longer.

The chain will be releasing this year’s cups on November 7.

Coffee lovers will need to order one of the Starbucks Signature Holiday Drinks to get one.

The 2022 winter drinks will be announced a few days before the red cups, but the rumored lineup has already leaked.

The launch for holiday drinks is reportedly on November 2.

What holiday product do you wait for each year?

Papa Pairings Hit At Papa Johns

According to, Papa Johns is running a new Papa Pairings special.

The deal allows customers to score two or more select menu items for $6.99 each.

The items include bread sides, medium one-topping pizzas, papadias, wings and chicken poppers, desserts.

You can find Papa Pairings at participating locations nationwide for a limited time.

What’s your go-to value meal?

Who Needs A Chocolate Toad?

Fortnum & Mason is celebrating Halloween with a new line of spooky treats.

Among this year’s sweet treats is the Uncommon Chocolate Toad.

It’s incredibly lifelike, complete with bulging eyes and bumpy skin.

It’s also made from 100% Belgian milk chocolate and is hand-molded by a trained sculptor and hand-painted.

It’ll set you back about 32 dollars.

See it at

Fill in the blank: I would like to have a life-sized chocolate _______.

Can You Turn Vodka Into Water?

A vodka debate is raging on TikTok.

Some TikTokers claim that you can pour cheap vodka into a Brita filter to make it taste like water.

But according to fellow TikToker and pharmacist Dr. ChrisPharmD, pouring vodka into a Brita filter one time will not result in water-like liquid with no taste and smell.

He explained, “The Brita filter is not going to change how concentrated the alcohol is. What it is going to do is remove congeners, the organic compounds that can make hangovers worse. Pouring it through once, honestly, is not gonna do much. “Two, three, or four times – now we’re talking. It will change the taste and texture, and also the smell. It’s definitely not going to make it taste like water, though.”

@han.walls enjoy me discovering this #britawaterfilter #titos #vodka #ohno ♬ original sound – han

What booze has the WORST taste?

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