George Lucas Explains Why Chewbacca Didn’t Get A Medal

It’s one of the biggest mysteries of the Star Wars universe – why didn’t Chewbacca get a medal like Luke and Han at the end of the first movie? Fans have long cried foul over the snub. But it turns out George Lucas actually addressed the issue all the way back in 1977, in an old Star Wars comic. Lucas explained that that “medals don’t really mean much to Wookiees” and says Chewie was “given a great prize and honor during a ceremony with his own people.” Of course, Lucas doesn’t explain what that ‘prize’ was and it was never shown in any of the movies. Still, Chewbacca fans can rest easy that their favorite furry giant did get his moment in the sun. If this is keeping you up at night and you’re older than 11, get some therapy.

Looks like Chewy has been taking the news pretty hard, though:

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