Gina’s Favorite Things

In honor of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018, I started thinking about Gina’s Favorite Things. My birthday and Christmas are coming up, so this should be a handy shopping list for you…


1- Turtle Scrub: I’m addicted to this. It smells like coffee and cinnamon and I never know if I should eat it or rub it all over my body in the shower. Rub it. You’ll be soft and smell good all day.


2- Toaster Tongs: No ordinary tongs will do! They are tiny and cute an made of wood so you don’t electrocute yourself.




3 – Murder Blanket: Napping with a hug…or to weigh down a body.




4 – Sugarhouse Distillery Bourbon: I love bourbon.  I love supporting local business. Simple.




5 – Laziz Muhammara:  I could eat an entire bathtub full of this wonderful stuff.  





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