Grandmother Hit With $1,400 Video Game Bill That She Can’t Get Back

A grandmother was hit with $1,400 in video game charges on her credit card that she can’t get back.

“I don’t know how anyone could rack up that many charges,” said Diana Lipscomb. “My grandson said it was for skins or credits.”

The charges were racked up in only three days after Diana’s grandson asked to use her credit card to buy points to play his favorite video games.

Diana’s grandson was playing games on the PlayStation network and said the legitimate funds were non-refundable, all $1,400 of it.

When other outlets called the folks at PlayStation about the situation, they reviewed it and still declined the refund. They did advise that if your child has these types of games to use parental controls.

Has your child ever ran up video game charges on your credit card? What do you think of PlayStation’s decision to not give a refund to the grandmother?

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