Here’s Why People Swipe Left On Dating Apps

With the sheer number of people on dating apps, there has to be someone out there for everyone. But if you’re having trouble getting matches, let’s make some changes to your strategy using this BuzzFeed list of the reasons why people swipe left. Sports lovers will get turned down by user Big Daddy B who writes, “I swiped left on anyone with a pic of them playing a sport because I refused to entertain the idea of eventually having to go watch their games”. So will those who obsess over TV show couples. Erin Why says, “Any mention of the show ‘the office’ gets a left swipe It’s a good show but I don’t wanna ‘be the Pam to your Jim’, Jason.” Perhaps you should tone down having a life all together. At least that’s what turns off Chris Wallace, who admits, “I immediately swipe left on anyone who’s [sic] life seems too exciting because I’m too tired for that s**t.”

Perhaps they just don’t find you attractive. That could be it.

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