He’s ‘Sorry’ After Equating ‘OK, Boomer’ to the N-Word

A University of Oklahoma professor has apologized after suggesting that the term ‘OK, boomer’ is similar to the ‘N-word.’ Peter Glade’s analogy came during a lecture on journalism’s relation to new technology and social media. The OU Daily, the university’s paper, reports that when a student suggested it was the media’s job to reach younger generations, Glade called the comment the equivalent of “OK, boomer,” then added, “Calling someone a boomer is like calling someone a n—–.” Some students got up and left. Glade released a statement apologizing for using the N-word but made no comment on the analogy itself. The school also released a statement calling the use of the N-word “fundamentally offensive and wrong.” What do you think Glade meant by the analogy? Was he trying to make a comparison to marginalizing people? Why do some people think it’s OK to use the N-word? Is ‘OK, boomer’ really offensive? Do you find it funny that a generation that has mocked millennials for decades is offended when the tables are turned? If ‘OK, boomer’ is age discrimination, isn’t calling someone a millennial – in a derogatory tone – the same thing?

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